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Professional Legal Publication

The NLA is in the process of developing a legal magazine for NLA members called the NLA Brief. The NLA Brief will be a full color digital magazine delivered quarterly to NLA members. to produce a publication that encourages a diverse array of ideas and understandings.

The NLA's Key and Critical Objectives

Key Objective
To promote the science and art of medicine and the betterment of the public health.

Critical Objectives
1. To maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity independent of any special interests.
2. To publish original, important, valid, peer-reviewed articles on a diverse range of legal and public policy topics.
3. To foster responsible and balanced debate on important issues that affect law and judicial policy.
4. To provide law practitioners with continuing education to support the legal practice and ongoing professional development.
5. To enable lawyers and legal professionals to remain informed in multiple areas of law, including developments in fields other than their own.
6. To improve law and the legal principles internationally by elevating the timeless legal principles and values, and research.
7. To inform readers about the various aspects of law and judicial policies and public policy, including the political, philosophic, ethical, environmental, economic, and historical.
8. To recognize that, in addition to these specific objectives, JAMA has a social responsibility to improve the total human condition and to promote the integrity of science.
9. To achieve the highest level of ethical legal journalism and to produce a publication that is timely, credible, and enjoyable to read.
10. To use technologies to deliver NLA communications to its audience.